Terrorists attacks on Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija

Scene of the crime against Serb children on the Bistrica River.


August 15, 2003 14.08 

Upon the decision of the Government of Serbia, August 15 has been proclaimed as the Day of Mourning in the Republic, in memory of victims of the Albanian extremists’ terrorist attack in the Kosovo village of Gorazdevac, near Pech.

Murdered children, Ivan Jovovic and Pantelija Dakic, have been buried today in Gorazdevac.


Murdered Ivan Jovic (age 19) 

Murdered Panto Dakic (age 10)

August 15, 2003, 18:43

Today 11-year-old Pantelija Dakic and 19-year-old Ivan Jovovic, killed two days ago in an assault by Albanian terrorists, were buried in Gorazdevac near Pec.

The eyes of these children are closed to the world, and open only to eternal justice, witnessing of the great and unending wound of this nation, the Montenegrin bishop Amfilohije said at the service attended by the priesthood of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Bidding farewell to the tragically killed youngsters, the prime minister of Serbia Zoran Zivkovic appealed to all the locals to remain in the province, and to the representatives of the international community to fulfil their commitments from Resolution 1244. Zivkovic also expressed the hope that the new UNMIK head Holkeri will set up a new policy in Kosmet, at the same time pointing out that Serbia must request of its allies in the world to help realize the defence of the province. Along with Zivkovic, attending the funeral were vice-president Nebojsa Covic, as well as representatives of Serbs from Kosmet and the international forces, and hundreds of villagers. Today is a day of mourning in Serbia, in tribute to the children killed or injured in Gorazdevac.

Wounded Bogdan Bukumirovic

Wounded Djordje Ugrenovic (age 20)

Wounded Marko Bogicevic (age 11)

August 16, 2003, 17:40

More than one thousand inhabitants of the Kosovo Pomoravlje area in the Northern part of that Province, participated today in the third consecutive gathering in the village of Ranilug, to protest against the murder of two and injuring of four young Serbs in Gorazdevac, close to the town of Pec. 

The participants of this gathering addressed an appeal to the international organizations, UNMIK and the General Secretary of the United Nations Kofi Annan, calling them to protect the remaining Serbian inhabitants in Kosovo and Metohia. It has been requested from the Government of Serbia and the Coordination Centre for Kosovo to prevent further violence against Serbs and other non-Albanian inhabitants.

August 15, 2003,  17:20

The Crisis Headquarters requested the replacement of the local police representatives of UNMIK and KFOR, as well as of the President of the Assembly of the Miniciplity of Pec for having failed to take the necessary measures that could have prevented the murder of two and injuring of four Serbian children there. 

The replacement of the international officials is reqiested because the crime was committed in the enclave that was under the immediate protection of the KFOR on the territory for which, according to the Resolution 1244, UNMIK is directly responsible, while the replacement of the President of the Assembly of the Pec municipality is requested because of his ethnically biased and negative stand toward Serbian population and the violence against the Serbs.

August 15, 2003, 14:55

The Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Zivkovic assessed that the return of security forces of Serbia and Montenegro to Kosovo at this moment would not bring a lasting peace.

 There are too many armed Albanian terrorists, so that the soldiers and policemen in the number envisaged by the UN Resolution 1244, would not be more than easy targets for them, said Zivkovic in an interview to the Radio Free Europe.

August 15, 2003, 14:45

Using automatic weapons, Albanian extremists attacked last night a police point Konculj close to Bujanovac in the vicinity of the administrative border between central Serbia and Kosovo. 

In this attack that started from the Konculj village inhabited exclusively by the Albanians, nobody was hurt. This is the fourth armed provocation of Albanians in the south of Serbia in the course of the past week.

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