Radio Yugoslavia has once again begun to broadcast the short wave program after a break of almost one year.  The break was a result of technical and formally-legal problems because, as many of you know, our transmitters are located in Bijeljina in Republika Srpska, that is Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Thanks to the new Yugoslav authorities, first of all President Vojislav Kostunica, as well as the understanding of representatives from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and international representatives in Bosnia-Herzegovina, these problems have mostly been prevailed and Radio Yugoslavia is once again on the air.  We will try to objectively and regularly inform our fellow-countrymen abroad about the events in FR Yugoslavia and its immediate surroundings in our broadcast in 12 languages and Serbian.  We thank for the support and interest which you have demonstrated during the period when we were not on the air, extremely difficult for our staff, when we addressed you only via the internet.

Do write to us and listen to us regularly in the future on our frequencies as well as on our Internet web cite, it says in the message by Radio Yugoslavia's Director Milena Jokic.