Why is Hydroseeding Better than Traditional Methods of Growing Lawns?

Hydroseeding is a grass planting procedure that involves mixing seed, fertilizer, mulch and adhesive with water in correct proportions inside of a tank of a hydroseeding machine.  This mixture resembles a slurry and besides the mentioned ingredients, it can contain other components like green dye or tackifying agents. The necessary ingredients of a hydro mulching mixture are mulch and seed. After the mixture is prepared, it is evenly sprayed over the landscape. This process is a excellent alternative to sodding and as a result, it gives you a beautiful and healthy lawn. Your lawn will grow much faster, and it will be more durable, taller, thicker and greener.

Many people still haven’t heard of hydromulching, but the fact is this procedure was used in the U.S.A. since the early 50s. A decade later, hydroseeding was presented in Europe and has become widely used to grow grass on commercial sites, public places (like golf courses) and areas that are unsuitable for traditional planting methods, usually because they are too large. The simple reason why this procedure is so much better than traditional planting methods is that seeds are suspended in a very nutrient rich mixture. This process is very eco-friendly, and its mixture is biodegradable. Hydroseeding mixture can be modified to suit the current needs of your lawn. For example, if you don’t want to use tackifier, you can use cellulose or recycled paper to blend them in the mixture. Not only hudromulching will make your lawn thicker and greener, but it will also prevent soil erosion.

The best time for hydro-seed application is from March to May. During these months, the mixture will firmly stick to the seeds and soil, and improve seed germination. The mixture will also act as a greenhouse because it will be storing moisture, which will result in growing a healthy grass within two or three weeks. Hydro-seeding is applied by high-pressured hose attached to the hydromulching machine. This device enables the mixture to distribute evenly on the landscape. After the application, you should take care of your lawn by watering it and occasionally mow it. During the first two weeks, it is recommendable to water your lawn for 15 minutes, three to four times a day. Don’t forget to mow the lawn every month because that will ensure further healthy grass growth.

If you still aren’t convinced about the benefits of this modern method of growing lawns, let me briefly summarize the advantages of this procedure:

  • the eco-friendly approach that can be made even more eco-friendlier - for example by using recycled paper
  • quicker results - the grass will begin to grow in seven days, and you will have a fully grown lawn in only three weeks
  • cost effective – it’s cheaper than sodding and much healthier for your lawn
  • erosion control
  • healthier and stronger grass - hydro mulched lawns grow healthy and efficiently crowd out weeds and fight diseases

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  1. Kendall Ryder

    The fact that hydroseeding is more eco-friendly is very appealing to me. I love being able to protect the earth, and hydroseeding sounds like a great idea! Plus, I love the fact that is more cost-effective. That would be great for people who really want a lawn, but who don’t want to spend a fortune on their new lawn.


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