How to get Indian visa if you’re from GB?

There are a lot of fresh and new information’s about tourist and any other types of visas, so you have to look very carefully to find the right one that suits you and your desires. If you’re a British you may find this article useful for further travel destinations in India this case.

From August 15, Britons will be one of 113 nationalities who will be able to apply for Visas “ e-Tourist visa” making the process obtaining correct entry documents cheaper and quicker. The UK holders will be able to apply and pay for VISA using the Indian government’s visa website, removing the need to book an appointment at the outsourced visa processing agency, or deal with serious postal application.

 The cost will be reduced from the current fee of 89,44£ to 60$. The earlier process was that the applicants were needed to provide documents in posts or application centers, but today they are able to upload documents and fill the forms online and track their application online. The VISA customer service desk also reported that the applicants could expect to pay the whole processing fee for 2$.

Visas will not be issued immediately – once an online application is submitted, the travelers can and will expect to receive entry documents via e-mail within 5 days. But it is an improvement on the previous arrangements because a typical postal application take up to 2 weeks.

The e-tourist visa for India are valid for travelers who are visiting India just for recreation, India attractions, mitting friends or family and casual business visits. The Indian government web site reports that e- visa applicants must be submitted a minimum of four days in advance before arrival in India. The arrival of e-visas for British travelers comes after months of wrangling and confusion over the visa applications. The main thing is that in February this year, Indian authorities announced that all travelers need to schedule an appointment at the application center for fingerprinting but when the number of tourists decreased, the Indian government abort fingerprinting.

So today travelers entering India on a e-visa must arrive at one of 16 designated airports, which include Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. Biometric data, including fingerprinting will be collected on arrival at the border.

Sue Livsley, India manager for Cox and Kings announce about the extension of visa to British travelers that ” Its good news for everyone who is going to visit India.”

She also stated that the ability to apply online from home would be “ far more quicker and faster way to get an Indian visa” and she hopes that “easier application process will attract more tourist to India”.

It’s also important to know that this type of fast Indian visas are one of the fast Indian visas and there are only available for travelers, medical treatments and for casual business visits. The e-visa system was introduced for 77 nationalities in November recent year and Indian authorities states say that until March 2016 were issued more than 200 000 visas. Nationalities other than the UK will also be able to use e-visa including citizens of Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

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