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  • Connecting With Your Mercedes Car Via Apps

    Mercedes Benz is always taking connectivity to the next level with some of the best apps available for smartphones or computers. The apps give you remote access for an amazing level of control over a variety of functions supported in your vehicle. Mercedes Benz mbrace is one of the most brilliant apps that can connect you with your car remotely to enjoy great convenience and safety options that make every trip an exciting experience. You can then choose to stream music from apps like Pandora, Spotify or others. You can also opt for HD radio, which is advertised as better than “traditional radio” as far as sound, but still pick up your local channels. Mbrace from Mercedes-Benz is a revolution in smart car connectedness.

    The ability to remotely start your car is one of the options you get through the intuitive mbrace app. As long as a number of safety conditions are satisfied, the app will allow you to start the car by simply pressing a power button on your screen. There has to be no start key inserted into the car, doors and windows must be closed, the car must be within a certain distance and other conditions must be met before starting the car remotely. Whenever the remote start fails, the app lets you know which conditions haven’t been met.

    You can use mbrace to set the temperature of your car to warm up to your comfort level in advance before you get in. If you can’t quickly remember where you parked the car, there is a feature to locate it immediately. As soon as you hit the locate feature, your car location shows up on the map and so does the location of your phone. You can easily zoom in on the map to get a better view of the location. Through the app you could also trigger horn and lights for some seconds to see where the car is parked easily. Locking and unlocking your car remotely is also much easier and safe from the mbrace app on your iphone or android device.

    Remote diagnostics via mbrace is another useful feature in terms of saving your time. It allows your dealer to get all the relevant data on the condition of your vehicle for preliminary diagnostics. If any maintenance is needed, arrangements could be made to purchase any required Mercedes Parts and assign the right technician to do the job. You get the best service for your Mercedes car without having to waste a lot of time doing most of the arrangements in person or doing the explanations. The car’s integrated communication systems including the mbrace app can do it all for you. The most accurate data required for the diagnostics is transmitted automatically in the correct format.

    There is an array of brilliant Mercedes apps with a variety of communication controls for different uses. While inside the car you can make use of apps that allow you to access or search various useful services from Google, Facebook and similar services. You can easily find the nearest hotel and even get the Google street view, check out the nearest Facebook friends and what they are up to, and so on. Every new Mercedes model gives you more connectivity via apps. The semi-autonomous Mercedes E-Class in 2024 brings even more technology options to use whether inside or outside the car.

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